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torstaina, kesäkuuta 29, 2006

The months have passed

So, I've been quite lazy at updating here, but for some reason it requires a little extra creativity. This'll be brief, but I just wanted to say that I've been uploading photos at least. My mom visited for about 10 days recently, and so there are a few photos of Hämeenlinna and Porvoo (particularly the church, which recently burned down), and then before that of course, I went to Stockholm and Uppsala. Tomorrow I'm going on a brief trip to Tallinn to see a friend one last time, and also because another friend's residence permit expires and she just needs to stay here another 6-7 days before her plane leaves.

A lot of people I know, and the ones I get along with much better are basically leaving. Another friend is going to New Zealand for a year (which sounds awesome) to study. But, it looks like we'll all be back. I'd done a little ranting before here about wanting to try to stay, but then thinking more clearly about that the most simple solution seems to return and finish my degree (and make paying all that for education there worth it), and then maybe apply here for grad. school. I guess there's just something worth it here, that all the whining on Finnish political blogs seem to miss.

In terms of school, that's pretty much all over. I'd taken a Finnish class for the last month to occupy myself, and re-learned some useful constructions for more literary Finnish. They were really one of the few things I'd had left to learn to a point that I'm confident in them, and now I'm not afraid to use them. They're basically just things to make two clauses ("I know the man who ate the apple") and turn them into one ("I know the apple-eaten man.") Obviously, that's a simplified version of it, and it doesn't really work that way in English, because it sounds like the man has been eaten by apples instead (try "mosquito-bitten" for contrast), but I think it's a really cool aspect of literary-- or at least news-paper Finnish.

Thought I'd share this one. While my mom and I were travelling around the area, we ended up in a restaurant in Hämeenlinna, where I'd confused a waitress due to sometimes sounding fluent in Finnish. When she heard us speaking English she asked us, "Where are you from that you speak such fluent English?" Perhaps I should spend more time out of Helsinki, as the Helsinki-folk are more used to hearing foreigners speaking the language.

On a similar note, I'd been wondering what I've actually learned here in terms of language skill, and finally it hit me when I read a friend's email for a going-away party, filled with lots of bizarre onomatopoetic words, and slang, and realized that in context it was all no problem to understand. It seems that this group of people I've been hanging around has done a good job of indoctrinating me with all sorts of strange and non-standard words. Fortunately, it looks like I'm still understandable.

Anyway, time to get some errands taken care of. Check out the photos; and remember if there isn't a post in two weeks there are likely to at least be photos; sometimes I'm not feeling so wordy. Also, in the light of lack of posts, it's highly possible that I'm gone south for a while, so if I don't update again you can imagine I've probably ended up somewhere where it seems a lot of people from this country have gone before.


  • At 12:58 ap., Blogger Weird Chinese Guy said…

    It certainly seems that way, doesn't it? I pretty much left everyone I get along with when I left Finland. The thought of staying in Finland and not come back did cross my mind too, however I think we made the right decision to come back and finish whatever we have to take care of here, then maybe go grad school there, or else? I think being fluent in Finnish might help greatly, so you are much ahead of me in that aspect.

  • At 4:33 ip., Anonymous Anonyymi said…

    Olen Suomessa tällä hetkellä. Kirjoita uudestaan blogissasi.


  • At 4:34 ip., Anonymous Anonyymi said…

    Olen Suomessa tällä hetkellä. Kirjoita uudestaan blogissasi.



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